• Design, Engineering & Manufacturing
  • Construction & Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Start-up & Shutdown
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Hot Changeover
  • Procurement

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

For each EPC project that is awarded, the Group provides a dedicated project task-force to manage, engineer and design, construct and commission the project. This task-force is assembled under a project manager and comprises experienced personnel with proven capabilities from within the Company. Project methodologies and execution strategies are designed by the team in accordance with client specifications and requirements.

Upon implementation the Company provides single-point of contact to the client for execution of the project. The Company’s network benefits from close proximity to client’s suppliers and enables the project engineering teams to execute services as required successfully and to the satisfaction of the stake holders.

The systems and tools developed by the Group for its engineering and design requirements are centrally led. The majority of purchases are project specific, and the Group maintains low inventory levels compared to the value of contract work undertaken.


With a proven track record of project construction in a variety of sectors, the Company has the ability to manage and execute multidiscipline construction services for a range of projects, including inter alia, construction and site management, field engineering, site procurement, HSE and testing for its clients.

The Company specializes in the provision of commissioning and start-up services in conjunction with, or independent of, project construction activities. The Group’s workforce has experience in the commissioning and start-up of large, often complex, plant facilities in remote locations.

The construction services business line involves installation of client materials based on engineering information provided by clients. The work is executed on a lump sum basis or on unit rates to reflect the quantity of work to be completed. Contracts are bid for based on the client engineering information and therefore the clients retain the risk and responsibility for that engineering information and at times for the supply of materials. The works are often re-priced during construction to take account of changes in the clients’ engineering information and other changes in circumstances after contract signing. In this regard the construction services business involves a more balanced sharing of risk between the Company and its clients.

Technical Support Services & Maintenance

Technical support services offered by the Company consist predominantly of maintenance services, shutdown and turnaround management services. The Company has a proven track record in the execution of maintenance projects for clients internationally through the provision of personnel, maintenance engineers and management. These services include project management and resourcing of manpower and equipment.

The typical scope of work for maintenance contracts works include management and execution of systems maintenance, preventative maintenance planning, general turnaround, safeguarding procedures, inventory control, and emergency and breakdown maintenance.

CAG has considerable experience in the shutdown and turnaround management field and has the international capability to carry out all phases from initial evaluation through to final commissioning of all related services and start-ups.

Key steps of turnaround and management services include identifying progress during the shutdown, identifying potentially critical jobs in advance, providing data analysis, and accurate forecasting.

The technical support services business line contracts are typically on a cost reimbursable basis and, as a result, the commercial and financial risks to the Group are significantly less than those associated with EPC contracts. HSE risks will be similar between all types of contract. The services provided under this business line are typically more basic, such as the supply of technical services through skilled manpower, which can be readily provided on the basis of cost-reimbursement with an agreed margin or on pre-agreed rates. Some technical support service contracts involve long term maintenance work or multiple projects over an extended period of time.