ADNOC Awarded a New Project to CAE in May 2018

Zakum Field

ADNOC Offshore (ADMA-OPCO) has awarded CAE the Provision of RTUs on 10 nos. of Wellhead Towers Project in Zakum field.

The third phase awarded to CAE is in continuation to the last two that were awarded to CAE – ADW 385 in 2012, and ADW 304 in 2007.

The scope of work for this EPC project includes the new RTUs on 7 non-telemetry offshore oil wellhead towers and replacement of obsolete RTUs on 3 telemetry offshore oil wellhead towers.

Associated works include the RTU integration to existing SCADA and the required modifications in ZWSC, as well as the provision of new telemetry interface modules, remote radios, installation of solar power systems for RTUs and structural deck extension, among others.

The expected duration of the project is 24 months.